5 Easy Money-Saving Tips

Saving money is not as exhausting as it is made out to be. Sometimes it is the little change in lifestyle that can help the most. Here are 5 easy money-saving techniques that you can start today:

1. Collect change. Its easy, its smart, its practically free money. A few months worth of change can add up to big bucks. I like to keep one jar in the laundry room, to empty jingling pockets, but the kitchen and bedrooms are good places too.

2. Avoid impulse purchases Using the 30 Day Rule, consider a purchase for 30 days, if you still want it after that time then it is worth the cost. Or, if you are pressed for time, the 10 Second Rule often works just as well, look at it for 10 seconds and evaluate the price and its usefulness. Decide for yourself if it is worth the money.

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DSM: Dollars, Sense & More

My lifestyle is a humble one. My clothes are primarily purchased at Target and TJ Maxx. I thrive on coffee, mediocre dining hall food and ramen. I live in a dorm room with three other women and share a bathroom with 15 more. While I would hardly consider myself the expert on coupon clipping and bargain shopping, discount prices get me through the week. I am an unemployed college student, I am practically penniless.

But discounted living is not just for the… financially challenged. We could all stand to save a buck here and there. So I, a thrifty-by-necessity college student, am offering my penny-hoarding services to you. I will be scouring the web and the great city of Des Moines, IA for the best prices, sales, and hole-in-the-wall places that will keep money in your pocket and a smile on your face. Because we both know that saving money is not just about locking money in the bank, it is about spending on worthwhile things.

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