Drake Diner: School Spirit on a Budget

With Drake Relays getting into full swing, Drake spirit is through the roof. And what better place to celebrate our Drakehood than in the Drake ‘hood? So my roommate and I dropped by Drake Diner for a bite before sitting down to watch the men’s and women’s 10K. Nothing like a burger and fries before watching other people run their tails off for 10,000 meters.

But Drake Diner [1111 25th Street] is the place to go for burgers and fries or pancakes and hash browns year round. Even when the Drake spirit isn’t at its annual peak, the diner has cheap, tasty, Iowan food.

Most entrees range between $7 and $10, so having an entire meal for under $10 is a little tricky. Breakfast tends to be cheaper. My cheeseburger was only $8.79, but a fountain drink put me over the $10 edge. Regardless of my slight overage, Drake Diner is a great place to go for a variety of good food choices and a friendly family atmosphere.

And if you get a chance this weekend, drop by the Drake football field to watch some of the most talented athletes in the Midwest run around the blue track. If you’re feeling particularly inspired, take a jog to run off the Drake Diner burger and fries.

2 thoughts on “Drake Diner: School Spirit on a Budget

  1. I love their soup and half-sandwich lunch special, though I usually mitigate the benefit of getting the special by adding a side of their awesome crinkle cut fries. I ate there yesterday, actually . . . beef noodle soup, half a grilled cheese on rye (and crinkle fries, with generous number of pickles tossed on the plate for good measure). A good spot, indeed . . . and thanks for link back to Indie Moines!

    • I hadn’t heard about their soup and half-sandwich special! I don’t usually go around lunchtime. I’ll have to check it out. And I appreciate the comment, you have a great blog.

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