Cute, Easy Greeting Card: Mother’s Day on a Budget

With Mother’s Day right around the corner, I’m sure you are all starting to worry about what to buy your darling mums. So, I figured I’d make something easy. Every mother loves a nice homemade card, at the very least they feel obligated to pretend that they love it.

So remind your mother how much you care this Mother’s Day with a cute, but easy card [you will have to provide your own sappy message] and save yourself the extra $3 in the greeting card aisle.

Envelope Greeting Card

Tools: 3 sheets of different paper, glue stick, tacky glue, hot glue, glitter, one button, 8 inches of string, paper cutter if you have it, if not ruler and a knife


Step 1: Cut out two 6 x 12 inch sheets of paper.


Step 2: Fold both 6 x 12 inch sheets of paper in half so that they are 6 x 6 inch sheets.


Step 3: Now take the paper that you intend to be the inside layer. Divide that paper in half parallel to the crease. Mark the centerpoint of that line. These will be your guides to cut out the triangle.


Step 4: Cut out the triangle using a paper cutter or knife and ruler.


Step 5: Use the glue stick to glue the inside layer to the inside of your outside layer. The triangle flap should be across from the crease folding upwards.


Step 6: Place the string so that it lays perpendicular to the crease across the triangle flap. Use a glue stick to glue the third layer of paper over the string. Then fold the back of the third layer back and glue in place.

This third layer is a good place to have fun. Try a using a more creative edge like a paper doily or a bolder pattern like a sheet of newsprint. As always, feel free to find stuff around the house.


Step 7: I am often a believer in the power of glitter. While I’m not crazy about the color pallet that I selected for this project, the orange glitter helped give it a little extra pizazz. Feel free to improvise with your own embellishments.


Step 8: Finally, add the button. A brad would work just as well, it just allows you a place to close up the card with the string you attached earlier. I used a hot glue gun to help push the button up a little bit, giving it a little room for string to wrap around it.


Cards are great crafts because you are free to let your imagination roam. This card idea can be varied an infinite amount of times. I’d love to see some of your variations! Post a picture or a description of your cards below. I’m always looking for more ideas.


5 thoughts on “Cute, Easy Greeting Card: Mother’s Day on a Budget

  1. I have loved all of your ideas! I think for the Mothers Day Card, I might try to put a sweet spin on it and make it edible…the 7 year old can use a fruit roll up, licorice rope, sweet-tart for the button, not sure about the message, though…you are amazing…thanks for the fun idea for my nephew!

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