Origami Flowers: Decor on a Budget

Money is tight these days, so shopping for pretty-but-unnecessary things like decorations tends to get put on hold. However, decor does not have to be expensive. A few hours with scissors and glue can be all it takes to liven up a dull corner. I added a little bit of unconventional floral design to my dorm room with this origami flower ornament made from the Sunday ad section.

To make your own origami flower ornament, follow the instructions below or for more help watch josthebomb‘s video. Steps 1-10 describe how to make an individual origami flower, and step 11 details the ornament assembly process. Follow alternate step 6 to make a variation of the flowers that I made.

Origami Flower Ornament

Tools: paper cutter if possible, scissors and a ruler if not, tape, glue, patterned paper, bobby pins, string, hole punch

Step 1: Cut five 3″ x 3″ squares out of your desired paper. This size square will create a flower roughly 4″ in diameter. I used the Kohl’s ads from the Sunday paper because they were free and created a distinct hodgepodge look that matched my dorm room decor.


Step 2: Fold the square in half so that the corners meet at the top. The side that you want to show should be on the outside of the fold.


Step 3: Fold both base points up to meet the top point. You should have a diagonal square.


Step 4: Fold flaps back so that the inner edges align with the bottom edges of the square.


Step 5: This step tends to stump people, so carefully examine the pictures. Unfold the the last fold you made and recrease it so that both seams turn out.


Step 6: Fold the two corners away from you over the back of the flower petal.


Alternate Step 6: Fold the two corners toward you.

NOTE: Your petals will have three inner pieces where mine only have one. Follow all of the same steps to complete your flower.


Step 7: Fold triangles in along their center creases. You should have a square again.


Step 8: Roll square so that the bottom edges align. Do not crease anything or the petal will lose its shape. Fasten the edges in place with a small piece of tape, it
doesn’t take much. This is one
of five petals that will make up
a single flower. Repeat steps 1-8
until you have all five.


Step 9: Apply glue along the inside of the petal, where you taped the bottom edges together. Then glue two petals together as shown.

NOTE: I use a bobby pin to hold the petals in place, sometimes two bobby pins for bigger petals. [My aunt likes to use small clamps. I do not own small clamps. If you own small clamps, feel free to use them.] This prevents the petals from slipping as it dries.


Step 10: Continue gluing until five petals are glued together and fastened with bobby pins. Then glue the first and fifth petal together to make a full flower, fasten with a bobby pin. Let dry. Remove bobby pins once it is sufficiently dry.


This is an example of what a flower with three inner pieces looks like. This flower was made from paisley scrapbooking paper and purple cardstock [but I would avoid thicker paper if at all possible]. I also glued a fake pearl to the center [buttons or rhinestones are also nice options] and tied a ribbon to it.

Optional Step 11: Create the ball of flowers (pictured at the beginning of this post) by gluing a bunch of flowers together as shown. Notice that three petals from three different flowers meet at the same point, this is true for every point where flowers touch. Again, I used bobby pins to hold them in place. You will need twelve flowers (sixty petals in total). Don’t worry, you will get really good at making them.


Optional Step 12: After all twelve flowers are glued together, I slipped a bobby pin over one of the points and tied white yarn to it. This way it could hang it from my ceiling.

This project, while daunting at first, is very easy and very versatile. I have used individual flowers of varying colors to make a bouquet. I have also made individual flower ornaments and given them away as gifts. Make your own variations and post them in the comments section, I’d love to see what you come up with.

This project cost me absolutely nothing to make. I had all of the supplies and I took my patterned paper from the local newspaper. I was able to spruce up a corner of my dorm without paying a cent.


4 thoughts on “Origami Flowers: Decor on a Budget

  1. I did these for my wedding. I made almost 100 balls – that’s a lot of petals!! They were beautiful and I made them out of all different colored sticky notes. Amazing craft. Highly recommended!

    • That is certainly an ambitious project. I made about 50 of the flowers alone for Christmas ornaments two years ago, but I cannot imagine making 100 of the balls. Major crafting kudos to you.

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