Half Price Books: Books on a Budget

It doesn’t seem too original to hunt for deals on books in a store called Half Price Books (10201 University Ave.), but I had been by a hundred times and never seemed to make the stop. So, I finally took an hour to drop in and check it out.

The store is bigger than it looks from the outside. Long wooden shelves of books extend way back into the store, organized in the typical genres: horror, science fiction, humor, art, etc. Because it was organized well, much like a full-priced bookstore, it was easy to find the books that I was looking for. Often in discounted stores the organization is terrible and it is difficult to find anything specific, although I do love the hunt.

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Varsity Theatre: Movie on a Budget

Going to see a movie is no longer a cheap endeavor. Ticket prices always seem to be on the rise and concessions are ungodly expensive. Of course, your $5 to $10 popcorn is often over-buttered, under-salted and generally cold. So, in order to preserve the honor of the movie theatre industry and bring you the best and cheapest movie-going experience in Des Moines, this week I visited Varsity Theatre (1207 25th St.), a local, single-screen theatre.

Varsity Theatre’s low-priced, high quality, independent films and self-proclaimed “Best Concession Prices in Town” have become a tradition since the theater opened its doors in 1939. So naturally, being the bargain-hunter that I am, I decided to partake and went to check out the Academy-Award-nominated, Golden-Globe-winning, Critics’-Choice-Award-winning, BAFTA-award-winning, overwhelmingly fabulous film, The Artist.

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Origami Flowers: Decor on a Budget

Money is tight these days, so shopping for pretty-but-unnecessary things like decorations tends to get put on hold. However, decor does not have to be expensive. A few hours with scissors and glue can be all it takes to liven up a dull corner. I added a little bit of unconventional floral design to my dorm room with this origami flower ornament made from the Sunday ad section.

To make your own origami flower ornament, follow the instructions below or for more help watch josthebomb‘s video. Steps 1-10 describe how to make an individual origami flower, and step 11 details the ornament assembly process. Follow alternate step 6 to make a variation of the flowers that I made.

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Waveland Cafe: Breakfast on a Budget

Dining out on a budget has a tendency to be hit-or-miss. And when it comes to food, a

bad miss can have gastric consequences. However, I am willing to put my digestive tract on the line to bring you the best and cheapest of Des Moines eateries. This week I visited the breakfast staple of Des Moines, Waveland Café (4708 University Ave).

After accidentally driving by once, we turned around and parked in the lot in front of the restaurant. I am going to admit that I was a little thrown off by the anthropomorphic eggs and coffee cups that were painted on the front windows. However, I was charmed inside by the neon OPEN sign and the waft of bacon grease.

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