DSM: Dollars, Sense & More

My lifestyle is a humble one. My clothes are primarily purchased at Target and TJ Maxx. I thrive on coffee, mediocre dining hall food and ramen. I live in a dorm room with three other women and share a bathroom with 15 more. While I would hardly consider myself the expert on coupon clipping and bargain shopping, discount prices get me through the week. I am an unemployed college student, I am practically penniless.

But discounted living is not just for the… financially challenged. We could all stand to save a buck here and there. So I, a thrifty-by-necessity college student, am offering my penny-hoarding services to you. I will be scouring the web and the great city of Des Moines, IA for the best prices, sales, and hole-in-the-wall places that will keep money in your pocket and a smile on your face. Because we both know that saving money is not just about locking money in the bank, it is about spending on worthwhile things.

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